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Stephanie warlick's image wearing blue coat and a smile on her face

About Our Founder/CEO

Stephanie Warlick (Stef) is an operational executive with extensive experience leading organizations in human resources and recruiting, FP&A, sales operations, program management, contracts, quality, customer service, vendor relations, and business systems management. She is a proven leader, adept at understanding corporate needs, providing strategic guidance to stakeholders, and incorporating customer insights into business decision-making processes. Her holistic organizational perspective drives significant business growth while controlling costs and increasing profitability.

As a seasoned business owner herself, Stephanie is able to provide forethought and insight (working IN your business) with minimal guidance and anticipating the needs of small business owners (working ON their business) enhancing traction for the organization. From a people perspective, Stef believes that collaboration across internal teams is the key to ensuring organizational and employee success, as well as delivering great customer experiences. Successful teamwork and collaboration stem from ensuring the right people are on your team and in the right seats. Each person brings unique skills and abilities to the team and optimizing individuals' talents is critical to achieving goals and objectives.

She subscribes to Strengths Based Leadership (by Tom Rath/Gallup), Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), and Blanchard's Situational Leadership and uses teachings from these models to guide her leadership and management. Stephanie is a certified Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR), Project Management Professional (PMP), and has completed the EOS Integrator Masterclass.

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