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Glenda Sims,

Chief Information Accessibility Officer

Glenda's image with a smile.

Working with Stef Warlick was a dream. Stef is smart, caring, conscientious, and can make mountains move. Her quality and professionalism are top-notch. When Stef has a strategic project or task to complete, you can rest easy knowing she will get it done, or if there are unexpected challenges, she will keep you informed while simultaneously looking for a creative solution to still meet the goal. One strength I admire most about Stef is her ability to identify key opportunities/problems to prioritize, work collaboratively to define a plan of action and support a successful implementation of a sustainable solution. Stef knows how to focus on what is important, helping those around her avoid crisis mode whenever possible. And yet, no matter how visionary a person is, true leadership demands being able to handle the unexpected. I’ve seen Stef handle high-stress emergencies extraordinarily well, bringing a sense of calm in the midst of a crisis and creating space for innovative problem-solving. Last but not least, Stef is a trustworthy leader who understands what it takes to run a successful business and how important it is to provide a healthy work environment for each and every employee. I feel very fortunate to have worked elbow-to-elbow with Stef. I hope some day I get an opportunity to work with her again.

Joseph Castro,


Joseph's image with a smile and wearing a blue sweater

Stef was extremely dependable and eager to assist, the true epitome of a team player. As a leader is critical to have teammates who share not only the corporate vision but a desire to do good things, Stef is one of those people. A leader by example, a trustworthy professional.

Kayla Cedillos,


Kayla's image with a smile and wearing a black coat

I had the honor to work with Stef and I can attest to her admirable leadership abilities. Her drive to achieve her goals and make sure those who surrounded her succeeded as well is noteworthy. She demonstrated leadership by ensuring all stakeholders were involved in important decisions. Stef carefully summarized issues that needed resolution and presented action plans effortlessly. She considered all viewpoints and communicated effectively with other teams to come to an agreed-upon solution. She offered her help every chance she could which demonstrated her willingness to help others. Stef provided motivation and positivity when the workplace needed it most. It is important to receive constructive criticism from managers and Stef absolutely provided advice and direction that was thoughtful and encouraging. Stef has been a great mentor to me during the time I worked with her. She helped grow my confidence to take on additional roles and truly advocated for me. The recognition she provided inspired me to do my best in my daily work. I thank Stef for her dedication to her work and for her empathy toward her employees. There is a lot to be learned from her.

Ed Woltemate,

Sales Manager

Ed Woltemate's image with a smile

I am compelled to acknowledge your exceptional leadership skills, unwavering dedication, and remarkable ability to motivate and communicate effectively. While working under your supervision, I was consistently inspired by your hard work and attention to detail. You were able to motivate by leading by example. There was nothing you would ask that you weren't also willing to do herself. You possessed a unique talent for recognizing the potential in each individual, including myself. Your firm belief in my abilities and constant encouragement gave me the confidence to strive for greatness and achieve more than I ever thought possible. One of the qualities that set you apart as a boss is your exceptional communication skills. You could clearly and concisely tell me your expectations, making sure I always understood my roles and responsibilities. You had a way of holding me accountable while always making me feel supported. Knowing you would provide valuable insights and guidance, I always felt comfortable approaching you with questions or suggestions. Even when you did not have the answers, you provided me with the resources and worked with me to find a solution. Under your leadership, I made significant advancements in my career. Your mentorship and guidance allowed me to develop new skills and expand my knowledge base. This allowed me to get promoted to a higher-level sales management role. The opportunities you provided for professional growth and development will have a lasting impact on shaping my career trajectory. The lessons I learned from you will stay with me forever, serving as a solid foundation throughout my career and personal life. The skills I have learned from you will allow me to be a better leader and empower the people that report to me. I am truly grateful for your positive impact on my professional life. Your leadership style, characterized by empathy, integrity, and a genuine concern for my well-being, has left a lasting mark on me. The skills and knowledge I acquired under your guidance will continue to benefit me throughout my career. Thank you for everything.

Nelson Blasco,

Warehouse Assistant Manager

Nelson's image taken from back

I am writing to provide a heartfelt testimonial for Stephanie Warlick, whom I had the privilege of working under. It gives me immense pleasure to share my experiences and express my admiration for Stephanie's exceptional leadership and management abilities. Stephanie displayed a unique blend of vision, passion, and expertise that made a profound impact on our team's performance and overall organizational success. One of the qualities that truly sets Stephanie apart is her unwavering commitment to fostering a positive work environment. She consistently prioritized open communication, collaboration, and mutual respect, cultivating a team spirit that inspired us to go above and beyond our potential. Stephanie's door was always open for any concerns, feedback, or ideas, making us feel valued and heard. Moreover, Stephanie created a culture of continuous learning, organizing training sessions, and mentoring opportunities that empowered us to enhance our skills and grow both as individuals and as a team. She delegated tasks based on individual strengths, ensuring that employees felt valued and had the opportunity to showcase their abilities. Stephanie was always competent and an inspiring leader at the helm. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked under her guidance, and I will always cherish the valuable lessons I learned during our time together.

Eric Padron, Internal Systems Architect and Salesforce Guru

Eric's image with a smile

Over the past 15 years I've worked with Stef across 3 separate organizations. As a direct report and member of her team, I enjoyed the benefits of her excellent management style. Stef always puts her people first, ensuring that her team is well positioned to be successful. Whether it's coaching up new team members or shielding veterans from distractions, Stef's adaptable leadership approach makes everyone around her better. Stef is a manager, a leader, and a doer. When she makes a commitment to deliver, she gets it done.

Ian Saltz,


Ian's image wearing a black suit and red tie

I highly recommend Stephanie Warlick to any business interested in developing their operations in order to prepare for accelerated growth. Stephanie has an incredible grasp of business processes and tools, from salesforce to the most complex accounting software. From her experience as a CMMI auditor to an ISO auditor, she can put a business on the right path to achieving both certifications. More importantly, from her years serving as a Chief Operating Officer and Chief Administrative Officer, she has the tools and judgment to help businesses on the path to growth avoid the costly and time-consuming mistakes that come with simply expanding without a roadmap and suffering from unnecessary “learning experiences.” She has my earnest recommendation.

Pat Kelly,

Director of Product Marketing

Pat Kelly's image with a smile

I had the privilege of working closely with Stephanie for her entire tenure at our organization. She is candid, humble, honest, and literally, the most organized person I’ve ever met. Totally focused on and driven by results, she always brings that clarity to the table. In a company like ours, where most people have singular roles and responsibilities, bringing diverse people together to focus and execute on a shared objective can be extremely challenging. Stephanie is the master of creating teams from individuals AND keeping them on track throughout. Just getting something done isn’t enough, she will make sure it gets done right – no matter what the hurdles. I saw her pull many rabbits out of her hat! Integrity is her hallmark and I trust her completely and I wouldn’t say that about many people. I have tremendous respect for her professionalism, her insight, her tirelessness, her willingness to learn, and her sense of humor! She would be an incredible asset to any organization. I would work for and with her in a heartbeat.

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